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Sandra's Pot of Gold - Beatriz Piza

Reading Hernan’s Note to Sandra I got goose-bumps full of MAGIC, because growing up, we were told stories of a Pot of Gold that waited to be found at the end of a Rainbow… But rainbows seemed tricky to us kids: The closer you got to one, the more it “relocated”, sometimes to our frustration. That’s how many of us became Rainbow Chasers, trying to find its end, to find the Pot of Gold and its keepers (I used to think elves protected it!).

Sandra loved Rainbows, and once we told each other our techniques as kids to find their end: hers involved a rope to tie the rainbow to a tree, until she realized they were meant to be free… like Sandra! Rainbows make us move, ever looking for the beauty around us, making us find the awe even in its chase because it makes us discover places we’d never seen before, and rediscover the ones we already know… but they also make us appreciate the beauty of it when we sit still, taking it all in.

I was also told as a kid that Rainbows were the bridge between Heaven and Earth and that if I stayed focused on it long enough we could see angels smiling at us thru each of its colors… Life was magical whenever a Rainbow appeared and its colors made us feel alive. Rainbows make us do that, either chase them or simply sit and take it all in… both make us feel alive and like Sandra, we felt alive in her presence… because SANDRA FOUND THE POT OF GOLD, and with her life, she gave us a trick to keeping the Rainbow in our hearts, to keep it ever glowing and full of awe, full of zest.

And so whenever she smiles at us thru one, we’ll see her beauty, the Magic that lies in the quest of our own pot of gold, the peace that lies in the stillness and the awareness of the NOW as Sandra told us all. We then can smile back at Sandra in deep gratitude for giving us such a gift when we least expect it… a reminder of the adventure it is to live and to love with all our heart, body and soul.

I miss you Sandra, every day, so just keep smiling at us, guiding us all to our own pot of gold…


Sandra's Clan Photos Videos Happy Ending In Her Memory