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Landscape Painting - Blair Phillips

When Sandra and I were 16 years old we signed up for a series of art classes at Winston-Salem's Sawtooth Center. This class was not associated with our school, therefore it was entirely elective on our part. The class was to last for several weeks and focused on landscape painting.

However, after attending just one class, Sandra and I decided that we already knew more than the teacher could possibly teach us. So we decided to change the course up a bit - to customize it to better suit our young lives.

Each week while our parents thought we were attending class, we would sneak off alone into the woods with our paints, canvasses and a pathetic 4-pack of some kind of fruit flavored wine coolers.

Those woods that we painted in were located near her parent's old home. I couldn't find the exact spot today, but I like to think it's on or near the site of her family's new home. Or even the very spot that later became her meditation garden.

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