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Reminders of Sandra that Make Me Smile... - Blair Phillips

I think of Sandra all the time and am reminded of her presence constantly. Here are a couple of examples that made me smile…

The Nurse Mare

Odd pairAfter returning back to CA from North Carolina, the word Mariposa started following me around – in the form of a restaurant in Palm Springs, a road in El Segundo, a delivery truck, and many more. But my favorite encounter with Mariposa came one day while at the barn with the horses. A little Thoroughbred colt was born this spring. Sadly, his mother died only hours after his birth. After enduring a week or so of around the clock hand feedings, the barn owner found a “nurse mare” at a neighboring ranch. She had had her own foal earlier in the season that was now ready for weaning. The plan was to remove her older foal and replace it with the orphan. The nurse mare was an ENORMOUS flaxen-colored Clydesdale cross. The orphan colt fell in love with her immediately and followed her everywhere. The mare took a few days of convincing, and then accepted him as her own. She has been protecting him and bringing him along ever since. The funny thing is what an odd pair the two of them make – an XXL draft horse mare and a tiny, scrawny dark bay thoroughbred colt. After about a week of finding amusement in observing this odd couple, I asked the barn owner what the mare’s name was. “Oh, it’s something in Spanish,” he said. “It’s MARIPOSA.” (photo attached)

Now There Is Sun

One day I was carpooling with Nancy, a friend and colleague, on the CA highways returning from a business meeting. Nancy was driving. I had already told her about Sandra. I tell EVERYONE I know (and some people I don’t know) about Sandra. Nancy and I had been remarking on how beautiful this particular sunny Southern California day was. As we were driving, she then started telling me of an abnormal breast exam she had had that sent her to a specialist and then to yet another specialist for additional rounds of testing. Talk of Sandra was woven into this discussion. As we were having our conversation, all of the sudden her windshield wipers turned on and began moving quickly. Funny, considering Nancy had not turned them on, nor had she even taken her hands off the wheel – and even funnier in the context of such a ridiculously gorgeous sunny day. Completely bewildered, Nancy says, “Sandra, is that you?” It was a good guess given the topic of our conversation. I’m sure it was a complete coincidence, but if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that Sandra was spying on us and laughing saying, “Hey you two – it is not raining NOW, so you don’t need to turn your silly windshield wipers on. Right now, the sun is shining and the day is beautiful. All is well.” Later Nancy’s additional tests came back all clear. Sandra was right.

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