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Rainbow Circle Over the Thai Horizon - Blair Phillips

2 September 2008. Scott and I just got back from an amazing trip to Asia. Watching Blake finish the Marathon in the Bird’s Nest stadium was certainly one of the most extraordinary highlights of my life. There’s SO much I could tell about this whole trip, but I really wanted to focus on one special instant…

After attending the Olympics in Beijing, Scott and I traveled to Vietnam and then finally to Thailand. I thought of Sandra often and felt she was with me at times. I know how much she wanted to go to China. During the last few days of our trip we retreated to a small island off the coast of Thailand to relax a bit before returning to the real world. The island was called Ko Samet. We stayed in a beautiful little bay with crystal clear water. Scott and I went swimming in the ocean quite a bit.

One day we were swimming around in the bay together. Scott decided to return to the shore and I remained in the water. I turned away from the land and just sat there and stared out at the horizon for some time – there’s just something about being in the water and focusing on that point where the ocean turns into the sky. While I was doing this my mind wandered and I said to myself, “Sandra, where are you?”

Then for some reason my eyes slowly lifted from the horizon. I continued to tilt my head back very slowly until finally I was looking at the point in the sky directly above my head – the exact top of the earth (at least from my current perspective somewhere in Asia). And I could hardly believe what I saw. There was a rainbow in the shape of a ring encircling the top of the earth. There was a very tiny cloud preventing me from seeing the complete circle, but the rest was ring-like - nothing I’d ever seen before. And it was a bright sunny day otherwise.

I thought to myself, “Well of course Sandra. That’s where you are!” She had answered my question. Even on the other side of the world, Sandra is everywhere.

I turned back to the shore keeping an eye on the rainbow to make sure it was still there. Looking for confirmation that what I saw wasn’t just in my head I called back to Scott, “do you see that??” And yes, he saw it too. I later told him of the question I had asked and how the rainbow was what I believed to be Sandra’s answer. The tears came when I told him the story, but they were tears of joy. Just wanted to share. Love to you all.

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