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A Sign from Sandra - Blair Phillips

Everyone knew the symbolic importance of Butterflies to Sandra. They were clearly a theme throughout her life, her treatment, and even her beautiful death. This is the simple story of the sign I believe I received from Sandra on the morning of her death.

After spending Friday and Saturday May 2nd and 3rd celebrating the life of Sandra with her and all her friends and family from around the world, I said goodbye to Sandra in person for the last time. I asked if I could come visit her again on Tuesday morning before flying home to California.

On Tuesday morning May 6th I received a call about 7:00 am from her dear friend Julie informing me that she had passed about an hour earlier. Though I had planned another visit, learning this news did not leave me feeling incomplete. Sandra had already found the most intense joy and happiness in life. She was completely at peace with her death. And, she gave the most beautiful gift to her friends and family by bringing us into her peace along with her.

So Tuesday morning, after learning of her passing, I sat outside my dad’s home in Clemmons and allowed myself to just be. I felt the Sun rising in the early morning. I listened to the birds chirping and felt the gentle breeze. I stared off into the distance and thought to myself, what a beautiful day – what a beautiful day for Sandra to pick for the day she transitioned from this physical world into the spiritual world that I imagine is full of love, freedom and oneness with the universe.

mariposa pebbleThen suddenly, my eyes darted to the left and down a short ways in front of me. It was as if someone pulled me back from my thoughts, grabbed my eyes and directed me to look at one tiny and specific point within my whole wide range of vision.

As my focus quickly grew sharp, I found myself staring at a small pebble – one particular small pebble. In the backyard where I had been sitting there was one flowerpot made entirely of small pebbles. But this one pebble was different than the others. On this pebble was a small engraving of… a butterfly.

Mariposa!!! Sandra must have been calling out from the universal. Sandra, I see you, I hear you, I feel you. At this point, it became vividly clear to me that Sandra had indeed not died and left us. Sandra had become one with the universe. Sandra was suddenly EVERYWHERE and will all of us. Thank you Sandra for that precious sign.

I later went back to the same spot and looked for the pebble again. This time, the light of the day had shifted and I could not easily find it again. Clearly one cannot find signs from Sandra by looking for them, rather they must find you.
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