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I entitle these brief comments “My Daughter!” with an exclamation because Sandra was and still is my precious daughter and WOW—what a daughter! Sandra was always an exclamation, bringing vigor and life to me and all—I mean all—the people with whom she came in contact.  In my life, how lucky am I to have experienced her in body and spirit.  How lucky!  How blessed! 

My life with Sandra began with her birth, which was a difficult one.  However, if the truth be known, Sandra and I would not have wanted to experience it any other way.  Sandra’s birth required almost 24 hours of labor, with her moving around inside me to present herself to the world in a breeched position that required a cesarean delivery. Our physician was on vacation, thus requiring another physician who removed Jaime from the labor and delivery room—a bit disconcerting for Dad. After all was said and done, a beautiful, precious and happy little baby was born who has brought so much happiness to our lives.  

I am so proud of Sandra and her 34 full years. As a child, she was always happy, and yes, headstrong.  Sandra also always seemed to know what she wanted.  From a very young age, we traveled all over the United States and of course to Colombia to visit family.  Jaime and I took Sandra and Aliana with us everywhere. Did I mention we lived in Cleveland during the first three years of Sandra’s life?  Cleveland was a very cold place to live indeed!  I remember one day, when Sandra was 2 years old, the temperature was 15 degrees with a wind chill of −2 degrees, and we were outside walking to the grocery store.  A rather intense woman stopped me and said, “Lady, it is too cold out here for this child “.  Of course, with that judgment, I felt like a terrible Mother—until—I looked at Sandra as she looked at the lady and me with a glorious smile and such joy—what could I say; all was well. Even at an early age, Sandra just loved being outside with nature—come rain, shine, cold or hot.  Sandra loved going to restaurants as a little one and also as a “grownup.” In restaurants, “oh my,” she was very rowdy; we always asked for a table in the back of the restaurant to minimize the effects of Sandra’s rowdiness; yet, Sandra still made sure to entertain all restaurant patrons during our meal. A wonderful tradition for us—one of my best memories—was our family celebration of the New Year at midnight. Regardless of where we were when Sandra and Aliana were children, Jaime and I always managed to be with the girls at midnight to bring in the New Year.  If we were at a party without the girls, we would leave the festivities, arrive home, wakeup the girls and celebrate with big hugs, kisses, and lots of “I love you!!!” Of course, after being woken from sleep, our Sandra would remain up for most of the rest of the night; she was not much of a sleeper.  Also, Jaime and I ultimately stopped going to New Year’s parties without the girls or we just stayed at home with them and celebrated with such fun and joy.  These are just a few of my precious memories with my first born child, my Sandra. 

Certainly, I could write for hours, days, months, and even years about my loving, precious daughter, Sandra; but this is not the forum for such a lengthy epic.  These brief comments about My Daughter! are just a few of my precious, precious memories as Sandra’s Mother.  Sandra was more than a daughter to me—she was my best friend, my confidant, my fashion critic (did I say critic? :)), my advisor on everything—she knew so much about everything. Sandra was and still is my Hero.  The last almost six years have been intense.  We have learned so much from her and shared so much.  I am so grateful for her life—she helped to teach me how to live. The joy that Sandra has shared with us will sustain and keep us going.  Goodness, do I miss her; but I find joy everyday, feeling her presence in me and in the lives of others. 

“Throughout your life and ultimately in the end, thank you my darling Sandra for helping to give me life. You have been a joyful presence and a precious gift in my life.  I love you so much!!!! “ 

With all my love, Mom

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