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Sandra Trujillo - Kate Craver

From Mrs. Craver - Sandra’s high school advisor. She presented the faculty award to Sandra on her graduation with the following comments.

An athlete, a leader, a scholar for sure

      In song and on stage with a voice so pure.

She left us in winter to study away

      In a place where they didn’t do math – not one day! 

Few have traveled as widely and far

      To get caught in an elevator that wouldn’t jar.

Or in “once upon a mattress,” dared change a line

      In order to call Hunter a bonehead one time. 

As Anne in “The Diary of Anne Frank” she shone,

      But as Lucy, it seemed that her real self was known.

As she told us her secret of writing so well

      So very very very very very very well. 

At Dartmouth where some of her next roles will be

      We know the reviews will be something to see.

After so many years at F.C.D.S.,

      We’ll miss you and wish you the very very very very best.

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