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Giving at Age 5 - Melinda Wiggins

Sandra and Melinda - age 5I have many stories of Sandra that show her wild, adventurous side, her drive to simply experience anything and everything. She was great to be with because she  always adding excitement to even the dullest of activities! Yet I love Sandra for a completely different reason. I love her because of the giving spirit that beamed out of her. It simply felt good to be with her.

I met Sandra when we started kindergarten, she was quiet, adorably cute, and whip smart. (I think she read everything for me the first half of the year until I managed to learn myself!) What pulled me to her was her quiet kindness. She was always looking out for people, helping others, always without asking for any recognition. She was there for me no matter what. I think that she was like that for all of us which makes her so truly inspiring.

Sandra and Melinda - age 5This picture is of us before one of my dance recitals. Now these things were LONG and my part lasted about 2 minutes. Sandra came for 3 years in a row and sat there with my mom to watch me, just because she was my friend. She was supportive and selfless at the age of 5, so you can only imagine how those character traits increased exponentially over her lifetime. I feel so lucky to have had such a good friend for such a long time. Thank you Sandra. I love you.

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