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WWSD? - Shea Davis

The thing that stands out most to me when thinking about Sandra was her way of being with people.  The first time I met her was in New Orleans, in 1999.  My friend, Ynez and I had planned a trip there, and only upon arriving did I learn that another of her friends was to join us.  I was a bit unmoored by this information, and was hesitant and unsure of how this would all unfold with a new girl in the mix.  The second Sandra walked in the room, I loved her.  It was that type of instantaneous recognition of a kindred spirit in another person that rarely happens.  I felt like I had known her forever.  She had a way of making people feel special, and that she was truly interested in them.

One day, Ynez, Sandra and I decided to visit one of the storefront psychics that are all over the French Quarter.  The woman offered a reading and then you could ask her one question.  Ynez and I went first and second, and our questions to the woman, though I don’t remember them, I can tell you with certainty that they were trivial.  Sandra listened to her reading, and when the woman asked her what her question was, Sandra said, “I want to know about you.  Tell me about yourself.”  The woman was clearly surprised.  She went on to share about herself, and I also don’t remember what she said, I remember being shocked that that is what Sandra chose to ask.  She was interested in everyone we met.  Young, old, rich, poor, crazy, sad, mad, happy, color, creed: it didn’t matter, if you sat next to her, she was going to engage.  People loved her!  She listened to people, and people love being heard.  I generally approach the world in a more weary way, “don’t talk to strangers”, people can hurt you, people are mean, crazy, etc. I had never seen anyone just trust in people to be their best, and they didn’t disappoint, they showed their best.  I’ve had moments since then, when I’m in a room or an airport or a party full of people I don’t know, I find myself getting nervous, and I always think of Sandra, WWSD? (What Would Sandra Do?).  I try to break out of my constricting, confining comfort zone, and engage and be with people, and I feel my heart crack open just a little more, and I give thanks to Sandra.  Thank you for teaching me how to be.

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