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"M" - Ynez Arce

In April 2007, I got the news that my 13 year old kitty, Gozo, had feline lymphoma, aka Kitty Cancer. Luckily for Gozo (and me) it's a very treatable type of cancer and after 14 months of chemo he's still doing great. I got Gozo my 2nd year of college and he and Sandra spent lots of time together over the years. Sandra felt pretty bad for me having a best friend and a kitty with cancer so she immediately sent a package filled with treats for Gozo (and a few for me.... ;-)). Below is the card she sent, the "uninspiring" card had a big "M" on it. I think she wished it had a picture of a salmon or a really cute girl kitty but it was just a big M. This card has been on my refrigerator since it arrived but I only just noticed and read again recently. When I read it I laughed my ass off. Such funny girl, my girl....

"Dear Gozo,

Sorry for the uninspiring card but I do hope the goodies inside will inspire you to kick it up a notch and kick CANCER ass! I know too well that CANCER sucks! But the good thing is that you get tons of attention in the form of kisses, hugs, and yummy treats!

Love and Kisses, You pal,

(the one you bit last time I saw you.... no hard feelings)"

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