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In Her Memory


There are many ways to honor Sandra's memory and living spirit... to DO SOMETHING or LIVE in a way that would make her smile and might also make the world around a little better. Below are a few suggestions...


Celebrate Life! As per Sandra's Manifesto:

  • Practice living in the moment.
  • Let go of your guilt.
  • Laugh!
  • Howl with abandon!

Support a Cancer initiative

  • Do a fundraising walk or run
  • The Young Survival Coalition is an organization that helped Sandra to stay strong and positive throughout her last few years.

Love ButterfliesHelp a Spirit Soar! LoveButterflies.org is a website that was inspired by Sandra and presents a simple way to bring a special dose of hope and inspiration into the lives of those who could really use it.

  • Create Love Butterflies, as per the directions, to give to someone who could use a lift. Let them know they are loved! Even a stranger!
  • Spread the word. The Love Butterflies are a continuation of Sandra's inspiration - share this site with others.

Send a note to Sandra!


Love Nature!



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