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The Late, The Great...
Sandra Michelle Trujillo de Moyano

Sandra Trujillo de MoyanoSandra's Manifesto:

People are always sharing with me stories of miracles, for which I am truly grateful.  I believe I have already experienced three miracles and that’s really all I need.  First I was born into the most loving family, honest love without bounds.  Second I experienced the greatest joy with Hernan, the only person who can put up with me.  Third, I was diagnosed with cancer which opened me up to awareness of the moment as it is.  I could have lived 50 more years and probably not experienced what I have in the last six years without the three miracles.  I am truly blessed.  That’s why I am so full of joy with even three months left. What excitement lies ahead! I am ready.  WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! [more...]


Sandra's Loves:

Her Family
Her Family
Her Family
The Redwoods
Her Family
Her iPhone
Her Family


Sandra Quotes:

  • "Spring is here in full blast.  The flowering trees are blooming and there are buds bursting.  It is so warm.  I am happy.  Sometimes, I wonder if this is my last spring.  But I think that way each season and it just makes it that much sweeter when I experience another season again." -- In an email from Sandra in March 2007
  • "BIG KISS" -- How Sandra often signed her emails


Sandra Nicknames:

  • Sandeemi
  • Makus
Sandra Her Clan Photos Videos Happy Ending In Her Memory