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Happy Ending


Eulogy - Aliana Sindram Trujillo

When faced with the prospect of speaking today, you can imagine I found myself a little nervous. In the end, I decided the most appropriate thing to say was “thank you.”

Thank you so much for sharing this glorious sunny day with us.
Thank you for all of your words of support, your letters, your understanding.
Thank you for the tasty food and the lovely flowers.
And most importantly, thank you for sharing Sandra with me.

Thank you eclectic group of friends that Sandra gathered.  A collection of colorful, crazy and sometimes strange people, you certainly kept her spirit soaring.

Thank you, Patti, for being our second mom and making this day possible.

Thank you, mom and dad, for being the kick-ass parents that you are.
You were certainly instrumental in making the brilliant being known as Sandra. Sandra proudly wore my dad’s outrageous and creative zest for life and my mom’s kindness, her energy and her marvelous mischief.

Thank you, Hernan, for being the mystical saint that you are and have become.
Truly facing the challenge of “in sickness and in health,” you clearly saw the beauty in Sandra even at her darkest moments and were the positive soul that could calm her in a time of worry.

Lastly, Thank you, Sandra, for being my sister.
Thank you Sandra for giving me the gift of comfort even after your death.
Thank you for teaching Josine not only how to say “Tia”, but to sing and dance to the lyric of only “Tia”
Thank you for all the secrets we share.
Thank you for protecting me, for adoring me.
Thank you Sandra for teaching me how to live.

My dear friend, Carey Kotsionis, has graciously agreed to sing a beautiful song today that Sandra really enjoyed. I like to think that words somehow spoke to her. It’s called “The Wind” and it tells of a journey.

Thank you, Sandra, I love you more than all the universe.

Sandra Her Clan Photos Videos Happy Ending In Her Memory